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(beta) Mutual Aid Hub | Vision

The Dance Union Mutual Aid Hub is a community project inviting the dance community to practice mutual aid. The vision of this project is inspired by the innovative online community and mutual aid network, Bed-Stuy Strong.


The dance industry is already working together to build brighter futures that includes comprehensive healthcare, liveable wages, and legislative power. In collaboration with these efforts, The Dance Union is offering the Mutual Aid Hub as a digital space for dance artists to practice meeting the local needs to help strengthen the connective fibers of our communities.


We invite organizers, administrators, movement practitioners, dancers and our neighbors to create this world with us– to provide support in an actionable way between November 28th and December 31st, 2023.


For this month we will be opening the hub to those that identify as organizers, administrators, dancers of the dance industry in NYC. The Hub will accept information and requests in the following areas: Jobs, Housing, Needs and Resources, Parent and Childcare, and Performance/Sharings/Workshops. Stay tuned for next season for additional services that'll be provided.

House Rules:


  1. Post what you know to be true! 

Misinformation! Please read all information and verify that it is credible before you post to this network. Misinformation is a leading cause in breakdown in communication and missed opportunity. Let’s be sure information is true so that people can access it.

  1. Time is hella important! 

We understand your needs are important and speed matters. 

A. If your request is regarding your safety we ask that you contact law enforcement for a more immediate response.

B. Most requests will receive a response within 3 days. Please keep in mind we are a volunteer and community led network. 


        Things we have NO SPACE for:

  1. We have a zero-tolerance policy around transphobia, racism, ableism, homophobia, islamophobia, fatphobia, agism and other forms of violence in our forum. Any member who violates this policy will be addressed and asked to repair the harm they have done to the satisfaction of the victim. Those unwilling to cooperate with this will be removed. 

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