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4th round Applications are now open copy

Hey, Y'all! This fundraiser is run by The Dance Union, an organizing group facilitated by J Bouey, Melanie Greene, Troy Ogilvie, Christine Wyatt, and Jeremy Guyton as the Twerk Team. The Twerk Team members are also Co-Hosts of The Dance Union Podcast.

Many of our community leaders have jumped into action to support the financial hardships that have fallen upon the dance community due to the coronavirus. We are grateful for these efforts, and also realize that these funds will not be available to undocumented folks or folks working the nightlife scene in our community. Please consider donating to this campaign to support your fellow dance artists/community members.

We are prioritizing the needs of New York City-based freelance BIPOC, disabled, trans/NB/GNC/queer, dance artists as well as those who will not have access to emergency funds due to immigration status. 

This Fund offers urgent relief to freelance dance artist that have suffered financial losses in the dance field due to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus and the government enforced social restrictions, on a weekly rolling basis!

Weekly Timeline

  • Monday @ 11:59 PM ET: Weekly Deadline and Applications Pulled

  • Tuesday/Wednesday: Review applications

  • Thursday: Send Award Emails

  • Friday - Sunday: Send Funds

  • Monday, December 7th: Deadline for 1st Week

This fund was created with the intention of supporting dance artists in NYC who are facing financial struggles due to COVID-19, and whom larger relief funds from larger entities (local, state, federal, foundations, etc.) have systematically overlooked and do not offer support. We prioritize care for those at the margins over here.

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